Coastal Life DE recognized as Military Trusted Business

This summer, Coastal Life Delaware earned one of its highest merits by officially becoming recognized as a Military Trusted Business. After an extensive process, Coastal Life Delaware proudly holds this title as a pledge of honor. 

Military Trusted Businesses directly connect to active duty and veterans of the coast guard, marines, air force, army, and navy. These businesses are entrusted to serve those who have served our country by rendering services in more accessible ways. 

As Southern Delaware’s only new construction consultant, Coastal Life understands the journey of finding a new home. One of the largest concerns facing troops is finding that right home, and Coastal Life DE is ready to assist in the search for any and all new construction needs. 

Those who have served are no stranger to Southern Delaware. The Dover Air Force Base is nationally known for its museum of the Air Mobility Command as well as an arrival site for fallen soldiers. 

As an ideal spot for hopeful retirees, Coastal Life Delaware welcomes neighboring military personnel looking for new construction homes with open arms. 

Cory Mayo, found of Coastal Life Delaware states, “My father served in the Army in the Vietman War. My grandfather was a Darby Ranger, and my wife’s grandfather a SeaBee, both in WWII. Growing up I was always taught the meaning and sacrifices that our troop make to protect our freedom and way of life. I love that we are able to help our service men and women find a place to call home. A place where they find comfort and protection. God bless our troops!”  

Coastal Life Delaware cannot stress enough the importance of supporting our veterans, and is happy to serve that mission. Thank you to all our troops who serve to protect and keep us safe! 

Written by: Matty Brown

August 13, 2019

Matty Brown Coastal Life Delaware
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