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If you have decided to make the move to Southern Delaware – Kent County or Sussex County- and you have decided new construction is the best option for your new home (great decision, by the way), you may be wondering WHY you should work with Coastal Life Delaware. The reasons are clear cut and simple, Coastal Life Delaware works for you to make your life easier.

The number of builders in Sussex County and Kent County are vast. Every builder and every community has their strengths and weaknesses. Those strengths and weaknesses not only translate into the homes they build, but the location and types of communities in which they build. Our primary focus is to present you with the information and make it easier for you to even determine which builders and location matches your personal lifestyle best.

Turnpike Traffic

Convenience alone is a HUGE reason to work with Coastal Life Delaware. No longer will you be driving back and forth in horrible traffic with your GPS looking at what feels like hundreds of model homes and communities, only to find out you just spent your entire day wasting time because nothing you looked at was how it was portrayed on the builder’s website. We use today’s technology to communicate with you utilizing current photos, video footage, and even video phone conferencing so you can actually see a community before you make the trip. Coastal Life Delaware will work alongside you, helping you decide which communities could work with your lifestyle and which ones may not be best for you. When you decide it’s time to physically make the trip to Southern Delaware, we take the time to map out the best route to take when touring the communities that together, we have decided look best for you.

Coastal Life Delaware is a FREE service to our clients. REALLY, it’s not too good to be true! We work with the builders, so they pick up the tab. In short, we take the steps and invest the time to be sure our clients and the builder are a great fit. They are happy-our clients are happy, and together, everyone is closer to the clients finding their new place to call home. Win, win for all!

Ask the new home specialists expertsWe pride ourselves in being the “experts” of new communities and trends in the Coastal area. Coastal Life Delaware is THE New Home Specialists, working with all builders throughout the area – so we can make educated predictions and keep our clients completely informed during this process – information that can help you find the best fit, in terms of a new home!

Building a new home, whether it’s for residency or a Delaware beach vacation home, should be fun. While it’s a huge investment, we love where we live and we know you will too. You should enjoy traveling to Delaware Beaches, building your dream home. Feeling burdened and stressed by heaps and heaps of information being thrown at you should NOT be part of the process. Southern Delaware has so much to offer, but you have your own list of what is most important to you in terms of new construction and we will make sure that whichever builder and community you choose aligns with what is most important to you.

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