First, I would like to take a minute to introduce myself. My name is Cory Mayo, founder of Coastal Life. For years I have watched the new construction industry in Sussex County very closely. Looking at it from a number of angles and perspectives, there have always been a number of issues that have bothered me. But, there were always a few common problems  that continued to be MOST prevalent and bothersome – Those looking to building a new home in Sussex County consistently found themselves confused and consumed by the overwhelming amount of data and sales pitches presented to them. In many cases, compromises were made by buyers just to keep some type of momentum moving forward during this process regardless of the long term repercussion. I always thought – “There had to be a better way!” 

Where to start

Google!!! Everyone starts on Google. “I think we should retire to Delaware, let’s google builders there! OH MY – where do we ever begin?” If I had a dime every time I heard that story, well … I would have A LOT of dimes. A quick Google search for Southern Delaware New Home Builders, or Southern Delaware New Homes will return an overwhelming list of builders ads, data, websites, traditional real estate services, community reviews, outdated pictures, all claiming “YOU SHOULD BUILD YOUR HOME HERE!” How can you ever expect to become an EXPERT on this is such a short time, especially an expert specific to Southern Delaware, an area with which you are not familiar. Hence, begins the feeling of confusing and being overwhelmed. Don’t worry though, you aren’t the aren’t the only one.

So why are there so many communities and builders setting up shop in Sussex County. Well, this area has become an extremely enticing market for new residents. Offering some of the countries lowest property taxes, no sales tax, simplified & laid back lifestyle accompanied by the envious “beach living” which we all LOVE (just to name a few reasons.) Because of this, Southern Delaware has created the “Ideal Living Location” for retirees and vacation homes (which in most cases becomes a future retirement haven.) Now, the questions again arises, “which community is right for my lifestyle and how do I know who builds a home that aligns with my requirements?” And so that game begins.

Here’s the top 3 high level steps that most clients ponder when attempting to find the perfect community.

          1. First, which part of Sussex County is right? Northern, Central of Southern? They all have advantage and disadvantages, but how do you know which will fit your new Southern Delaware Life before it’s too late to change your mind?

          2. Next, it’s time to find the community which offers amenities you’re looking for, as well as the aesthetic look & feel, and finally builders the style and home type you desire.

          3. Finally, it’s time to hope this community has a builder who offers a home with the features you are looking for, with a floor plan that is pleasing to your eye, and offers a price point that fits your wallet.

Are you starting to see where I am going with all this?

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