DR Horton and Their Place in The Market.

When building a new home, there is often a sense of intimidation or disconnect between buyers and the builder. As southern Delaware’s New Construction Real Estate Agent, one of Coastal Life Delaware’s goals are to reduce that disconnect by acquainting potential buyers with the builder of their choice and Interviewed DR Horton sale representative Ginger Yocus.

As America’s largest home builder, DR Horton is making its presence known in southern Delaware with such high demand communities as Woodfield Preserve, West Shores, The Vines of Sandhill, and Windstone. Recently, we were able to speak with Ginger Yocus, a sales representative for the DR Horton community West Shores in Milford, DE, about her experience in the building industry, what sets D.R. Horton apart from other builders, and why Coastal Life Delaware is so needed in the industry right now.

Ginger Yocus - DR Horton Sales Rep

“I’ve been with D.R. Horton for a year as of July 17, but have been in the industry for about five years,” said Yocus. This career is a rewarding one for Yocus, who states “For me, it’s all about changing people’s lives. I’ve met some amazing people and it’s a passion to find the right fit for a customer.”

DR Horton's Style of Building Home

DR Horton Building Home​After working for other builders in the area, Yocus settled in with D.R. Horton because of its unique business model as a spec home builder (available for immediate delivery.) Yocus explained, “We build houses and wait for customers, where most builders wait for customers and build houses.” In other words, D.R. Horton will build a community and then sell those homes to prospective buyers based upon the – admittedly limited – options presented.  But Yocus uses those limited options to her advantage. “Because we build that way – we are a production builder – what happens is [when we are] eliminating options like moving walls and adding doors and extensions… there’s less waste on the build end. So, when you have less waste – there is a higher value and savings – and we  pass that saving on to our customers.” That value stems from both the quickness of the build and the price-point. All considering, “there is less room for error.”

DR Horton Warranty Reputation

DR Horton Warranty ReputationIn the minimal chance there is error, however, D.R. Horton’s most consistently positive feedback is their warranty program. Though houses are green-checked (meaning they are “clean, crisp, and move-in ready”), D.R. Horton offers fixes for any issues concerning maintenance and the like. Yocus adds, “You want your builder to still be around in 35 years if you have a 35 year warranty.” If you buy with America’s largest builder, expect a dependable and outstanding warranty service on the backend. 

The "Whys"

Knowing her customers and what they want is an essential part of Yocus’ job. If the lack of customization is a problem, Yocus is quick to understand a switch might be necessary. “If somebody is adamant about moving walls and repositioning the structure, and I position who we are [at D.R. DR Horton the why'sHorton], we might not be the right fit for them.”  That’s why it’s important to know the customer right off the bat. “When somebody walks through the door, I ask what’s their “why?” Why did they walk through that door? Figuring out what their “why” is (“Are you unhappy with your home?” “Are you retiring?”) and helping them through the process [is essential].”

The Most Common "Why"

The most common “why,” according to Yocus, is retirement. Often, retirees coming from New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Maryland are only aware of the tax benefits – a huge draw in its own right – but aren’t familiar enough with the area. “They’re driving down Route 1 and all they see is open fields and wonder – what is there to do?” said Yocus. “They don’t know the area, so my first job is to explain the lifestyle here in Sussex County and Southern Delaware.

What Yocus says about Coastal Life Delaware?

coastal life delaware DR Horton“That’s why Coastal Life Delaware is an integral part of that,” declared Yocus. “[Coastal Life Delaware] is exactly what people need. People are so overwhelmed,” whether it be with the amenities, floor plans, or other communities in the area.  With the sheer amount of choices available, Coastal Life Delaware is here to provide consultation and fit potential buyers’ wants and needs with the right builder. Founder of Coastal Life, Cory Mayo says, “I feel there is a home for everyone, and our job is to help our clients find which aligns with their needs best. D.R. Horton offers our clients a selection of newly built homes, while providing move-in speed that can be faster than purchasing a resale home. Some of our clients are looking for custom new construction home, where they can go through the timely process of laying every wall out, picking out each individual faucet and deciding on every texture. But, many clients simply want a well built home available to them right away that checks off all their boxes – That is D.R. Horton! For those clients, we are happy to help them find the perfect D.R. Horton home that fits their financial and lifestyle needs.” 
Like Yocus, Coastal Life Delaware has been with the building industry for many years, earning the right amount of experience to direct buyers and trust of industry peers. “I know him and I know how he’s going to treat customers,” shared Yocus. “I don’t treat referrals lightly, and Coastal Life Delaware has earned that referral.”

Allow Coastal Life Delaware to help find you find your next home. Contact us today to discuss more community details and let us explain how we service our clients compared to older traditional real estate services.

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Written by: Matty Brown

November 4, 2019

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