Get Ready To Drive On Delaware Beach

One of the main reasons people either move to or vacation at the Coastal Delaware area is to spend time on our beautiful beaches and drive on beach. Like any resort area, the beaches can get crowded, but Delaware seems to have a great handle on the “packed” feel that our neighboring New Jersey and Maryland beaches experience. One other HUGE plus for Delaware is the number of drive-on beaches. If you have a 4-wheel drive vehicle, a Delaware Surf Fishing permit and all the required safety and fishing gear, you can experience the beach life in a whole new light!

Sound FX, Lewes DelawareWhen it comes to getting your 4-wheel drive vehicle ready to conquer the beach with ease, the pros at Sound FX in Lewes, Delaware are up for the challenge. They have an entire team of off-road specialists educated on 4-wheel drive vehicles, and available off-road packages. Their technicians are trained on OEM drive systems, and proper techniques for dissembling, modifying, customizing, and upgrading the weak factory suspension.


Their aftermarket packages can including but are not limited to new, beefier tires which have better ability to dig through the sand, maintaining traction. Now, not all factory rims are wide enough to sport a super aggressive, wide tire like this. No fear, 

Sound FX aftermarket wheel selection

Sound FX is one of the biggest retailer of aftermarket wheels as well. Whether you just want to upgrade the look of your vehicle or want to add more aggressive tires for beach travel, you will find a huge selection of aftermarket wheels to choose from here.

Suspension Lift

Suspension lifts are the next item to check off. Educated off-road specialist and experienced technicians create a knock-out environment for customers looking to upgrade their factory suspension. While there are endless upgrade options and levels of off-roaders out there, we have found, in most cases, there are 3 types of people who decide to raise their vehicle.

The owner has no real intentions of driving off-road, they are just looking to increase the look and stance of the vehicle!

Bigger tires are what the owner really wants, but at times the vehicle’s ride height needs to be increased to make room for the new big tires.

The owner decides off-roading is the life for them. And, we are not just talking about driving on the beach, we mean OFF-ROADING!!!

So, whether you are an Off-Road weekend warrior, a surf fishing lover or just someone who loves their vehicle and wants it to look great, be sure to check out the team at Sound FX! We love them, their service, and their team – And, we think you will as well. If you are ready to drive on beach, Delaware, then we should recommend you to choose Sound FX!

Written by: Cory Mayo

June 27, 2019

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